Pics from Saturday’s One Day party in Hertfordshire

Pics from Saturday’s One Day party in Hertfordshire


Due to what appeared to be a very limited cinema run I only just managed to catch seeing this film last night. Was it worth the wait. No. Was it worth the hype. No. Full on pretentious noodling from the outset, the film does have a few “arty” moments which are beautifully shot. The sexless sex scenes in particular seem to have been ripped off directly influenced by the actual hot lesbian sex scenes in Lucio Fulci’s Lizard in a Woman’s Skin. 

The rest of the film falls totally flat. I don’t understand how having a female sexual predator driving around in a white van (albeit alien) is supposed to be ground breaking, Its maybe toyed with a stereotype of white van man, but ground breaking no. The only thing I felt gripped by was tedium, as our alien protagonist retreated into her shell (or skin) unable to eat cake and feel loved. I’m sure there is some deep questions here about the nature of humanity, but between the tedium and jarring soundtrack I was put off investing too much into this film.

As much as I would say I bloody hated it, fans of shite like David Lynch and Portishead will lap this crap up. Anyone else, I would recommend to avoid it, and this is coming from a fan of art house horror/gialli.